IRU membership for Taxi Stakeholders

Shaping mobility solutions of the future

Hello, Taxi?

As a global organisation, IRU facilitates mobility by shaping transport and tourism solutions of the future. As a taxi stakeholder, we know you want to help people get the best from their lives, getting passengers from A to B easily, easy the lives of those in the country, in the city and their communities.

By defending and promoting the rights and interests of taxi firms, this is what IRU is all about, too.

Join the world’s largest taxi network

Concretely, we enable and strengthen global connectivity through UpTop, our global taxi network – the largest taxi network of its kind in the world.

UpTop uses the latest smartphone technology to promote a high quality label of safe, reliable and legal services to taxi customers, contrary to those provided by illegal ride-sharing companies.

When you join the IRU, you become a de facto member of this fast-growing and strong network of taxi industry federations and leading taxi app providers, which guarantees you a broader client base.

Interested in becoming an IRU member?

We are present in over 100 countries, and, as a member you will join a diversified, yet unified taxi operator community. Together, we give this sector a voice of authority, credibility and strength – a voice that national governments, regional bodies, other industrial sectors and interested parts of civil society listen to. And hear.

Whether you need support on a global, regional or national level, you will benefit from working directly with our Headquarters, IRU Academy and Africa Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as through our regional delegations and offices strategically located in New York, Brussels, Moscow, Istanbul and Beijing.

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