IRU membership for Goods Transport

IRU membership for Goods Transport

The road to sustainable growth

This is a crucial time for the road transport industry, with some big challenges ahead. Here are a few examples of how we get involved and push for a brighter future for goods transport operators, everywhere.

Advocacy – Pushing for policies that help goods transport

We speak to governments and authorities all over the world. We work with the G8, G20 and the World Economic Forum. We even created the Global Partnership for Sustainable Transport with the United Nations. With our knowledge and reach, we can make a difference in the political process for your industry, at a global level.

Innovation and sustainability

In a bid to take the TIR System totally online, IRU is currently rolling out a pilot project, called eTIR. This pilot complements several other applications that will eventually eliminate paper carnets from the TIR System. As well as being safer, quicker, cheaper and easier to enforce, it’ll make the whole process kinder to the environment too.

We’re also bringing operators and authorities officers closer together with our CLOSER project. Eventually we’ll have a universal system in place to make safety and customs checks are quicker and more effective, worldwide.

Helping global trade

By improving and expanding the TIR System, we’re giving countries the opportunity to widen their trade networks and to speed up their goods transit.

With easier and more organized trade worldwide comes economic growth and prosperity – especially for developing nations.

Crash prevention programme

Our interactive training programme reduces crashes, saves time and money, and sometimes even saves lives.
The training features simulations of over 50 critical driving situations, with on-board camera videos of real-life crashes and near misses.

Get involved

As an active member, you can serve on our Goods Transport Council or one of our expert commissions. Our General Assembly meets twice a year to decide how we tackle the challenges we face. When you’re involved, you get your voice heard throughout the entire industry.

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