IRU membership for Bus and Coach Stakeholders

IRU membership for Bus and Coach Stakeholders

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How we serve our members

We get involved at every level of the bus and coach industry, and we tackle the issues head on. Here are just a few examples of the work we do. 

Smart Move – policies that help mobility and travel

Join the leading global bus and coach advocacy organisation. Be part of our Smart Move campaign and High Level Groups, to get all the right information into the right hands whenever legislators have decisions to make.

Be the co-author of ambitious and far reaching policy proposals. Our influence goes right to the top, helping to push for sustainable growth in the bus and coach industry, worldwide.

Benefit from the largest pool of bus and coach know-how

Join the largest global pool of private bus and coach know-how and best practices. Learn from your pears and share information with them. Explore new markets, solutions and business models. Make your business grow with IRU. Join us at several dozens of global and regional forums and events we are organizing and co-hosting across the globe every year.


Join our Mobility Innovation Laboratory

Share and learn from leaders in innovation, in alternative propulsion systems, electric vehicles, driverless technologies, trip integrators, mobility as a service concepts, to be ready for future challenges and empower your business.


Make use of our training programmes

As an active IRU member, benefit from the training programmes and innovative services offered by the global IRU Training Academy, such as the interactive crash prevention training, with simulations of over 50 critical driving situations – using onboard camera videos of real-life crashes and near misses.


All our knowledge and data, at your fingertips

Get full access to rolling flash updates and latest fuel prices. Make use of our Library and IRU Information Centre, with over 3,000 documents covering practical, legal and technical rules and regulations in more than 80 countries.


Get involved

As an active member, you can serve on our Passenger Transport Council or one of our expert commissions. Our General Assembly meets twice a year to decide how we put our influence to good use. When you’re involved, you get your voice heard throughout the entire industry.

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