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IRU membership: connections, knowledge, opportunities

Being an IRU member makes you part of a truly global community – the chance to forge new opportunities and make everyone’s job easier.

Road transport is a fast-moving industry. So we pull together to make sure we’re all ahead of the game.

Reasons to join:

  • Connect with the people who can help you succeed. We operate in over 100 countries, across all five continents. With our network and events, you can easily connect with the people who matter most to you.

  • Have a say in how your industry develops. Policymakers listen to what we have to say. With all our expertise and experience, how could they not?

  • All the knowledge you need. All in one place. Whatever info you need, wherever you are in the world. And you’ll always be up to date on all the facts, figures and the most cutting-edge innovations in your industry.

  • Get the best training and accreditations. Our IRU Academy gets everyone up to speed on everything that keeps road transport running smoothly.

For more details, check out our full guide to IRU membership benefits.

What type of membership is right for you?

Our Active and Associate members form the IRU General Assembly. But each has a different role to play.


Active members  – have your say on policy

Active members are non-profit organisations that operate at a national level in one of these sectors:

  • Professional transport of passengers.

  • Transport of goods for hire and reward.

  • Transport of goods on own account.

Or they can represent a sub-section of one of these industries, like transport of refrigerated goods or live animals, for example.

Our Active members can be part of the IRU Goods Transport Council (CTM), the IRU Passenger Transport Council (CTP), or both.

Active members can:

  • nominate and vote for candidates in all IRU elections

  • be part of regional and liaison committees, commissions, and groups of experts

  • view and actively contribute to any policy documents from the groups they’re involved in.

Associate members – for network, knowledge and opportunities

Associate membership is open to any organisation involved in road transport – directly or indirectly, national or international, profit-making or non-profit.

Associate members can’t nominate or vote for candidates for IRU elections. But they can:

  • be part of commissions and groups of experts, upon special request to the Presidential Executive.

  • view and actively contribute to any policy documents from the groups they’re involved in.

Otherwise, associate members enjoy all the same membership benefits as active members.


Membership fees

  • Active Member: non profit-making organisation representing professional transport of passengers, transport of goods for hire and reward, or transport of goods on own account at national level.

    Annual Fee: CHF 10,000

  • Active Member: non profit-making organisations representing a specific transport category at national level

    Annual Fee: CHF 5,000

  • Associate Member: national and international non profit-making organisations

    Annual Fee: CHF 1,000

  • Associate Member: national and international companies and other profit-making enterprises

    Annual Fee: CHF 10,000

  • One-off admission fee:

    CHF 100

Do you want to become a member?

Send us the following information:

  • copy of your constitution and rules of procedure.

  • official documents about the structure, type and importance of your activities (for example, years of experience and volume generated).

  • report showing the geographical scope of your organisation’s activity, number of members of your organisation, and total number of road vehicles operated by your organisation or its members.

  • any other documents or material that can help us when considering your application.

Submit your application to or send an email for more info!.

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